[blindkid] Introducing your child to new people

Carly e400clb at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 5 18:20:26 UTC 2009

I am wondering if any of you could offer some pointers about how you introduce your blind child to new people, particularly in a social setting where there are lots of people? For instance, in visiting a new church. How do you introduce your child to new adults and new children? How do you direct your child to respond? My son will often "ignore" the greetings of other people. He is low vision, and he will buzz around a room, putting his face 2 inches from each table and toy to examine it, rushing past people without acknowledging their presence. The Sunday school teacher asks me if he needs anything special. I tell her that she can encourage him to sit close to the front if there is a story or movie, but otherwise, that she should not allow him to do anything the other kids aren't allowed to do, and to expect him to do what they do (to not fail to participate). However, I feel like I'm missing a lot in terms of offering direction to him and to them.
 Also, to the other children who stare at his dark glasses and cane. I want to be able to offer some reassurance that their curiosity is fine, and what this is all about. Suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks! :) Carolynn


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