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August 2009 Book Club Selection
Froggy Goes to Bed
by Jonathan London
Print/Braille edition, $5.99
Ages 2-6

Time for bed!

Even when Froggy goes to bed, it's a high-action adventure. In Froggy's
world nothing is ever easy or efficient, and everything has its own set
of goofy sound effects: "flop flop flop," "splash splash splash," and
"munch scrunch munch."

Despite the fact that Froggy is "too pooped to pop," he is not at all
tired when it's time for bed. He has to find his boat before he can take
a bubble bath, look for his pajamas, his toothbrush (it is not in the
fishbowl or the wastebasket, but in the cookie jar), grab his huggy, and
munch a bowl of flies for a snack. It finally ends when Froggy's tired
mother falls asleep while reading him his bedtime story.

"What my daughter (nearly 2 yrs old) learned from this book is how to
say 'FROOOGGGYYY' when she sees the word. At her age, she enjoys helping
me 'find' things, and enjoys froggy's searches for lost items. She also
identifies froggy's 'brushing' in a positive tone, and says 'oops' with
concern that froggy has spilled water. This story relates to her
reality. And, above all, it is the first book she has tried to 'read' on
her own." - J. Towe, on Amazon.com

"Froggy's stalling tactics will delight any child who has ever begged to
stay up just a few more minutes." - School Library Journal

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