[blindkid] Introductions

Eric Calhoun eric at pmpmail.com
Sun Aug 16 11:03:02 UTC 2009

Jessica and list:

Even though blind people are labeled "special" or "amazing," the truth
is, the smaller children don't take to compliments yet.  It took me years
to accept the fact that someone was complimenting me.

When you introduce your child to someone, let them say "Hi, I'm Emily,"
then let your pleasantries flow.  It's _never a good idea to, under any
circumstances, let the child say: "I'm blind."  Let them grow into it

Take it slow.

Good luck!

Eric from Los Angeles.  What does it mean to play sportsmanlike?  It
means playing with respect, with determination, with enthusiasm.  What does
it mean to play with unsportsmanlike conduct?  It means being insubordinate
to your coaches, manager, other teammates, and fans.  It means arguing,
using vulgar language, or doing things unbecoming of a team player.  Please
play with sportsmanlike conduct, and try to be good to each other!

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