[blindkid] Cane tips and Acrobat CCTV

holly miller hollym12 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 15:16:43 UTC 2009

Two questions.

Hank (age 9, Albinism) has an NFB type 2 cane with the flat metal disk tip.
Will that type of cane accept a Bulldog (or other brand) rolling ball tip?
He gets very frustrated when the tip gets caught in small cracks and he
doesn't like using the sweep technique because of the noise on hard
I know there are a lot of good reasons to have a metal tip but right now,
the frustration level is making him not want to use it.  His solution is to
walk with the tip a few inches off the ground which doesn't do him any good.
He has enough travel vision that he can see walls, doorways, large obstacles
so the accoustic aspect isn't as crucial for him.  In his situation it's
more about depth perception and not being able to see drop offs so I think
the rolling tip will get the job done.  Assuming he'll keep it on the ground
of course!
Any other suggestions would be welcomed!

Question #2
Does anyone have experience with the Acrobat CCTV?
Does anyone know of a comparable product by a different manufacturer?
Still trying to work things out with the school.  Hank's low vision
specialist recommended the Acrobat.
The school has said they are looking at other machines that do the same
thing (but couldn't recall the brand name)
Just trying to do some legwork while waiting for them to get back to me with


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