[blindkid] Help for Writing Speech IEP goals Needed

Marie Smith empwrn at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 20 15:54:55 UTC 2009

I guess I should clarify that Jack is 3 years old, is developmentally
delayed in speech, fine motor, and gross motor due to Apert syndrome and his
many surgeries and hospitalizations. He is in our local school districts'
inclusive preschool program. He receives PT and OT once a week, ST twice a
week, and is currently limited to VI consult services once a month. He
received VI services initially only because we asked for it due to his optic
nerve atrophy. However, we were all working under the assumption that Jack
had vision in his right eye appropriate for his age. We only recently on
February 12, 2009 learned that Jack is actually legally blind because of his
optic nerve atrophy. I expect that VI services should increase. Oh and he is
not autistic. That just happens to be the thread that the original email
from Rene came from. 
Jack will attend this inclusive preschool through our local school through
the end of May. Next year he will have to transfer to a private
daycare/preschool and will be in a completely mainstream class. He may be
the only child with special needs there. The school district will provide
consult services at the preschool. Then Jack will return to public school
for Kindergarten.
Just wanted to provide as much info as possible to help clarify our needs.
Sorry if this is more than you wanted to know. Smile
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> begin snip Jack is also
> speech/language delayed and I would like to make sure that communication
> becomes everyone's #1 goal at our upcoming IEP meeting. I'd like to know
> how
> Rene and others have had that written into the IEP. end snip

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