[blindkid] Zoom Text with Speech vs. JAWS

Kim Cunningham kim at gulfimagesphoto.com
Tue Sep 1 14:42:13 UTC 2009

Could anyone tell me about the differences (good and bad) between using Zoom Text with speech vs. JAWS? I understand that Zoom Text has the ability to enlarge print, etc. and JAWS is speech only. Do both work with all files or is one better than the other. My daughter trained with JAWS over the summer and really liked it. She found it easy to navigate. Currently she has Zoom Text with speech on her laptop and the school district wants to know why she won't use this program instead of JAWS since Zoom Text also allows her to use her residual vision. Kayleigh was given Zoom Text without any training from her TVI. What she has learned has been on her own and I'm not sure if she just needs more training with Zoom Text or if JAWS is the way to go for her.
Kim Cunningham

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