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Check out Youtube or google: John Bramblitt, or Blind Painter, have the art
teacher watch it.

Also in archives of former Braille Monitor and maybe Future Reflections go
to search (for all) at www.nfb.org for: blind sculptor, blind artists, and
Ann Cunningham and/or tactile art: forward the articles.

The simulators in my experience have pros and cons:

Pro: if used correctly with strong/knowledgeable talking about the only
reason to use them is to get SOME idea that they really can't see very well
and need to do things NON-visually; this really can help some understand the
use/need of non-visual for low vision students, one of my favorite teachers
in the world uses acuity lenses to show admin and general ed staff of the
need for Braille for example...try and read with these on...

Con: person using the simulators does not realize
*NO simulator can tell you exactly HOW YOUR person sees
*you are a SIGHTED person still imagining and holding full visual imagry in
your brain and have a comparison-the blind person is used to seeing that way
and has no comparison

Sometimes this can back fire BADLY and the person using the simulator now
"understands" just how poorly the blind student sees and they become
over-sympathetic and over-emphasizing vision and they are more afraid than
ever--just like sleepshade use for some to try and understand bldinness if
not done correctly all you get as a result is the sighted person taking off
the shades and exclaiming under their breath "whew, I am so GLAD I am not

As for the balls in dodge ball--nerf or soft balls or light weight
bean/sand/foam fill or beach air filled also larger and colored bright if
she has any vision type can be used as well as calling out to her when it is
coming her way...that is what we did for Jordan. 
I feel your pain:)
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What does any one think of my husbands idea  --  to teach an art teacher a
lesson.   His idea is to get some special glasses that the AEA has to
simulate some one with vision problems.  The lens are made to simulate
certain visual acuities.  John wants her to were the glasses and do an art
project; that he comes up with.


Thanks for the message on P E.  My daughter, Victoria just got hit in the
head with eight different balls just this past week.  Must have been some
game like dodge ball.



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