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Carol Castellano carol_castellano at verizon.net
Sun Sep 20 18:28:00 UTC 2009

Hi Stacy,

I assume you have observed that Adison is getting hurt more often 
than other kids.  I'm wondering if anyone has figured out WHY she is 
getting hurt.  Is she tripping over things?  Does she have any motor 
difficulties?  Is she using a cane?  Does she use it well?  If you 
can figure out the "why," then you'll be better able to figure out a remedy.

Best wishes,

Carol Castellano, President
National Organization of Parents of Blind Children
carol_castellano at verizon.net

At 05:01 PM 9/17/2009, you wrote:
>Hi all! I need your help, input, suggestions. Adison is 5 and has 
>low vision. She attends a parachoial school for kindergarten. There 
>is no playground/equipment. The kids play outside in the parking 
>lot. Everyday Adison has gotten hurt and ended up in the nurse's 
>office...skinned knees, elbows, bumped head etc.  She has gotten 
>hurt even when I've gone in to help with lunch duty.  We thought 
>about asking the school to paint an area where she must remain, and 
>other peers can join her. I don't want to restrict or limit her, but 
>I'm concerned about safety. I'm worried the alternative would be 
>'sit here and play with chalk'.
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