[blindkid] Help needed~Recess

Stacy Lemmon slemmonrn at spotlight-music.com
Mon Sep 21 17:23:08 UTC 2009

Thanks for the input with recess.  Adison uses a long white cane. She puts it down for recess because she likes to bounce a ball. The problem is recess is in a parking lot with lots of little monkeys running everywhere...it is chaos.  The other problem is a boy in her class are friends and love to play together. He is a gentle "giant." He bowls Adison over like nothing, accidentally.  Adison is tiny...only 32 pounds, so she does just sort of get knocked over. The worst injury was when she slid on gravel and tore her knee up. I went in Friday, and as much as I hated to restrict her, I had her stay in a yellow painted area next to the building and it went well. She was fine with it and did not get hurt...will it work everyday, probably not. The other kids thought it was "cool" she had her own spot. They seemed to enjoy coming over to play. We didn't make an issue, I just said to Adison we were going to play in the yellow area (the shade from the building is there as well, I definite plus for a child with no iris and major photophobia/light sensitivity). Her peers have been helpful...we want Adison independent, but I asked the teacher to not discourage the other kids from helping as I know they are curious.  We will see how the Catholic school goes.  She has 11 kids in her class. Which, I think is a definite plus to the 6 kindergartens of 25 kids each at our public school.

Thanks again! I always value your input. I have learned most everything from other parents that have walked this road!
Stacy <3

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