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Bender Gestalt

The original test consists of nine figures, each on its own 3 × 5 card. The subject is shown each figure and asked to copy it onto a piece of blank paper. The test typically takes 7-10 minutes, after which the results are scored based on accuracy and other characteristics.


Verbal IQ and Performance IQ as well as four composite scores known as indices: Verbal Comprehension (VCI), Perceptual Organizational (POI), Processing Speed (PSI) and Working Memory (WMI).

The VCI's subtests are as follows:

Vocabulary - straightforward questions over the meaning of words 

Similarities - asking how two concepts are alike 

Comprehension - questions about social situations or common concepts 

Information (supplemental) - general knowledge questions 

The POI's subtests are as follows:

Block Design - children put together red-and-white blocks in a pattern according to a displayed model. This is timed, and some of the more difficult puzzles award bonuses for speed. 

Picture Arrangement 

Object Assembly 

Matrix Reasoning - children are shown an array of pictures with one missing square, and select the picture that fits the array from five options. 

Picture Completion (supplemental) - children are shown artwork of common objects with a missing part, and asked to identify the missing part by pointing and/or naming. 

The WMI's (also known as Freedom from Distractibility) subtests are as follows:

Digit Span - children are orally given sequences of20numbers and asked to repeat them, either as heard or in reverse order. 

Arithmetic (supplemental) - orally administered arithmetic questions. Timed. 

The PSI's subtests are as follows:

Coding - children under 8 mark rows of shapes with different lines according to a code, children over 8 transcribe a digit-symbol code. Time-limited with bonuses for speed. 

Symbol Search - children are given rows of symbols and target symbols, and asked to mark whether or not the target symbols appear in each row. 

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ecently Hank had his 3 year IEP re-evaluations done.
n reading the reports, I'm wondering how his vision could be affecting his
bility to understand what was being asked of him & give the proper
t seems a no brainer that there would be some impact but since I have no
dea what the testing materials look like, it's hard to understand what some
f the pitfalls would be.
t our next IEP meeting (Thursday) I'm going to ask them to explain & show
e the testing materials but I'd feel more confident if I can glean some of
his info ahead of time.
Hank is 9 and has Albinism.  His acuity is 20/200 paired with photo-phobia
nd Nystagmus.  Which -for those of you who have been following our saga
now - in district & commission speak that means tossing him some hand held
agnifiers, dark pencils and slapping papers on 
the xyrox to enlarge them
hould be all he needs.
he tests in question are
ender Gestalt
nd Woodcock-Johnson III Form A
Thanks so much!
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