[blindkid] Bender Gestalt test

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I did a bit of reading on the link regarding the Bender Gestalt test and
found these passages interesting:

"Description: The Bender Gestalt Test is an individually administered pencil
and paper test used to make a diagnosis of brain injury."

Why are they testing Hank for brain injury?


"Precautions: The Bender Gestalt Test should not be administered to an
individual with severe visual impairment unless his or her vision has been
adequately corrected with eyeglasses."

What constitutes "severe visual impairment" in this case? I would imagine
Hank's is, and that his corrected vision is probably not "adequate," at
least as far as the test goes.

Just some things to mention on Thursday, I would imagine.

Best to you!

:) Carolynn Barnes


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Recently Hank had his 3 year IEP re-evaluations done.
In reading the reports, I'm wondering how his vision could be affecting his
ability to understand what was being asked of him & give the proper
It seems a no brainer that there would be some impact but since I have no
idea what the testing materials look like, it's hard to understand what some
of the pitfalls would be.
At our next IEP meeting (Thursday) I'm going to ask them to explain & show
me the testing materials but I'd feel more confident if I can glean some of
this info ahead of time.

Thanks so much!

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