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I wonder if you might ask that the psychologist consult with an evaluator  
from Overbrook. We had positive results from our contact with them, although 
it  was years ago with Early Intervention.
As I work for  a district in NJ, I called to discuss with the company  what 
modifications they would recommend when doing psychological testing for a  
blind child. (Again, years ago.)
We were fortunate to have a psychologist from our district evaluate when  
they were testing for the Gifted Program. He knew our son and was comfortable 
 making modifications for blindness.
Good luck.
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Recently Hank had his 3 year IEP  re-evaluations done.
In reading the reports, I'm wondering how his vision  could be affecting his
ability to understand what was being asked of him  & give the proper
It seems a no brainer that there would be  some impact but since I have no
idea what the testing materials look like,  it's hard to understand what 
of the pitfalls would be.
At our next  IEP meeting (Thursday) I'm going to ask them to explain & show
me the  testing materials but I'd feel more confident if I can glean some of
this  info ahead of time.

Hank is 9 and has Albinism.  His acuity is  20/200 paired with photo-phobia
and Nystagmus.  Which -for those of you  who have been following our saga
know - in district & commission speak  that means tossing him some hand held
magnifiers, dark pencils and slapping  papers on the xyrox to enlarge them
should be all he  needs.

The tests in question are
Bender  Gestalt
and Woodcock-Johnson III Form A

Thanks so  much!

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