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Firstly Talking Typing Teacher is only a meant to teach typing and isn't a 
full screen reader. Secondly, the Serotek the makers of System Access  have 
a program called Keys for K-12. Here is the link for Keys for K-12
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> Hello, everyone. I wanted to see if anyone knew about the program Talking 
> Typing Teacher. My daughter  is almost 8  & in the 2nd grade. She doesn't 
> have a lot of experience with computers yet.( I put it in her IEP to get 
> training  within 1st 9 weeks). But this program is what they want to use 
> to replace Jaws or window Eyes, because of the cost. I am so frustrated 
> with them not wanting to spend the money for her to get what she needs. Is 
> there another program out there like Window Eyes or Jaws that isn't so 
> expensive? Or are they just going to have to break down and buy Window 
> Eyes or Jaws? I tried to put it in her IEP that she get Window Eyes, but 
> they came back and said they don't like putting name brands in IEP's. Is 
> this true? Also, if anybody else  has had  trouble getting Special 
> Services to get the Technology etc. that  their  blind child needs but 
> finally succeeded, could you give me some pointers? I  called a case 
> conference the day before school
> started. It took 28 days from the conference date to get the revisions 
> wrote up. Even after waiting 28 days the revisions weren't even close to 
> what I talked about at the case conference. I had to e-mail my version of 
> rewritten goals and things i had talked about to be put in there in the 
> first place. i still have not received the IEp yet. I am told it is on 
> it's way! I'm very frustrated. How long does Special Services have to get 
> the IEP back to me after the case Conference? The conference was Aug. 18. 
> It's almost October and still no IEP. Your suggestions are greatly 
> appreciated!
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