[blindkid] Greetings! and am I welcome?

Gerardo Corripio gera1027 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 16:15:44 UTC 2010

Hi listers: I'm Gerardo from Mexico and hope I'm welcome on here because 
though blind from Retinopathy of Prematurity and 70% hearing loss for which 
I use hearing aids, I'm already 32 and have a psychology major, but apart 
from being curious as to your experiences in raising blind children (now 
that I'm grown I want to better understand all my parents had to go through 
to get to where I'm now) I hope my childhood experiences I recall might help 
you guys who are only starting. Even more though I know the US has the 
custom of the children when going to college live on their own, the 
perspective here in Mexico and in other Latinamerican countries is different 
in that children (especially blind) live at home for more years, thus I'm 
encountering some situations maybe some of you have already encountered with 
your kids or may be new experiences for you guys that may help some of you 
in better coping with raising blind kids I'll be sharing little by little. 
Hopefully I'm welcome for the before-mentioned reasons; my expectations on 
being on the list are very high that I'll learn new tips I may use in coping 
especially with my mother and I'll be able to share tips that have hellped 
me that mey also help you in getting your children to the point in having 
careers and being adults integrated into society and sorry for my english; 
sometimes it isn't as good as I'd like but hope I made myself understood; I 
know what I want to say but sometimes can't seem to find the right words to 
say them. And some of my questions might be very obvious to you guys already 
in the NFB but because until recently I've discovered myself the list might 
be new to me and give me new info I might not have known before so please 
bear with me; I'll try not to saturate the list. Again I'm very hopeful I'll 
get a lot out of the list. Beforehand thanks for accepting my presence.

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