[blindkid] Greetings! and am I welcome?

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Mon Apr 5 17:35:07 UTC 2010

Buenvenidos - welcome - Gerardo (and your English fine.)
Eric V

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Subject: [blindkid] Greetings! and am I welcome?

> Hi listers: I'm Gerardo from Mexico and hope I'm welcome on here because
> though blind from Retinopathy of Prematurity and 70% hearing loss for 
> which
> I use hearing aids, I'm already 32 and have a psychology major, but apart
> from being curious as to your experiences in raising blind children (now
> that I'm grown I want to better understand all my parents had to go 
> through
> to get to where I'm now) I hope my childhood experiences I recall might 
> help
> you guys who are only starting. Even more though I know the US has the
> custom of the children when going to college live on their own, the
> perspective here in Mexico and in other Latinamerican countries is 
> different
> in that children (especially blind) live at home for more years, thus I'm
> encountering some situations maybe some of you have already encountered 
> with
> your kids or may be new experiences for you guys that may help some of you
> in better coping with raising blind kids I'll be sharing little by little.
> Hopefully I'm welcome for the before-mentioned reasons; my expectations on
> being on the list are very high that I'll learn new tips I may use in 
> coping
> especially with my mother and I'll be able to share tips that have hellped
> me that mey also help you in getting your children to the point in having
> careers and being adults integrated into society and sorry for my english;
> sometimes it isn't as good as I'd like but hope I made myself understood; 
> I
> know what I want to say but sometimes can't seem to find the right words 
> to
> say them. And some of my questions might be very obvious to you guys 
> already
> in the NFB but because until recently I've discovered myself the list 
> might
> be new to me and give me new info I might not have known before so please
> bear with me; I'll try not to saturate the list. Again I'm very hopeful 
> I'll
> get a lot out of the list. Beforehand thanks for accepting my presence.
> Gerardo
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