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It was not inspirational, her brother, or boy friend, I can't remember which 
was involved in an armed robbery, and she was in the get-away car.  Remember 
that just like sighted people, there are genuinely good people and there are 
jerks and there are all soerts in between.  I'm not saying she's terrible, 
but I think on the spectrum that she is further from the genuinely good 
people end.  You've always got to look at the back story.  I want my kids to 
find inspiration in the accademic, artistic, humanatarian and athletic 
accomplishments of sighted and blind individuals, not in the story of a 
woman who lives through adversity, which was in part her own fault.  I found 
this story upsetting.  They let her off and didn't prosicute her for being 
an accessory to armed robbery, just because she went blind.  Should we let 
off murderers and rapists, etc because they got injured while trying to 
commit the murder or the rape?  Sorry, but this story upset me on many 
levels and I just had to say something.
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> Hi Parents,
> I don't know if any of you watch 20/20 or not. But yesterday I watched 
> the 20/20 from Frieday night.
> It's the second story that you want to pay attention to  The story is 
> about a young woman whom when Blind from a gunshot womb to her face at 
> point blank range.  Here is the link to the show.
> http://www.hulu.com/watch/144666/abc-2020-apr-23-2010
> By the way, they will be doing a follow up in July you'll find out why for 
> the follow up at the end of the story.  The story was very inspirational. 
> I know we as the blind community hate to hear that word.
> Jessica
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