[blindkid] question on observation of child

Doreen doreenproverbs3 at bellsouth.net
Sun Oct 10 19:17:59 UTC 2010

  Hello to all....
I am looking for help to get 3 different observations of our daughter in 
her classroom. ...... Hoping for some help in how to do it!

I asked via phone to observe Torrie OUTSIDE her kindergarten classroom 
on 3 different days, 3 different times - those days & times to be set by 
the school. I am trying to see what Torrie does in her classroom in her 
natural environment there. I got an email back on Wed, late in the PM 
saying it would not be good for me to observe because it would disturb 
the class. It was suggested I go to lunch with her, which is not what I 
want to see - I want to see what she is doing in the class. We are 
concerned for several reasons and are looking at her off task behavior 
(with ADHD and her vision), does she keep her head up doing her 
classwork, does she see the work, how close is it to her eyes when she 
is doing it, does she keep her head up when using her cane, does she use 
her cane in the classroom (it is more than just for safety) .... things 
like that. The school (teacher, TVI and O&M) are saying she is doing 
wonderful in class and that all our concerns are HOME concerns! I know 
she does not feel comfortable saying she cannot see, so I am wondering 
"how" she is advocating for herself as per the teacher. Hence, the 
observations ....   I emailed back that I was confused as I asked to be 
outside the class, not inside.

There was no answer as of late Friday, so I resent it late in the afternoon.

I know I need to give 24 hrs notice to observe. I have signed up to be a 
volunteer and am waiting to hear about that.

What would be some suggestions so that I can see for myself what Torrie 
is doing? I did not find anything about parent observations in the 
Policy and Procedures book for the district. I have not called the ESE 
director yet ... with the same "confusion" about not being able to 
observe from outside the class.

I have a telephone conference on the 19th with the TVI, O&M and OT, and 
my IEP is on the 25th -- so am looking to have concrete knowledge of 
what Torrie is doing in class. Any suggestions? Of course, I am the 
"crazy" mom so am really looking to help understand what is happening in 
the class. I realize she will behave differently in class, but some of 
the stuff, I am having a hard time believing. She just started classes 
Aug 23, so after only about 6 weeks of school, she has performed a 
"miracle" as none of this was done in her pre-k classes! I have not 
worked on any of the above over the summer, so a "miracle" has happened 
if this is happening. Our daughter has PTSD and she has a fear of being 
yelled at (whether it would really happen or not) but that is her fear - 
so to say to the teacher she can't see something does not sound like 

Thanks for your help!  Your suggestions and encouragement are always 
welcome and most appreciated!


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