[blindkid] question on observation of child

Robert Jaquiss rjaquiss at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 10 22:49:09 UTC 2010

Hello Doreen:

     If you can find out who the volunteers are who help in school, you 
could ask one of them to tell you what they see. Its not a perfect answer, 
but the more observations the better. You might actually get better 
information from a third party than from a direct observation. When I was 
small, my Mother would come to school and observe me in class. It was very 
difficult for her to observe me and I not know about it. Do parents bring 
treats or other surprises to school for sharing? My thought is that if you 
can manage to be doing something, you won't be singling out your daughter. 
When my Mother came to school, my peers knew it and I would hear about it 



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