[blindkid] multiplication in braille

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You have to leave space at the top of the problem and roll the Braille
writer in and out. Another option is to get one of the Brailed systems where
you move blocks with the numbers such as the Braille window. Bran

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Hi, friends,
Our daughter has just started multiplying two digit numbers by two digit
numbers in school. We know how to line up the problem.

Here is my question:
How do you indicate the carried numbers in braille? For example, in
multiplying the following:

 x 63
We start with three times four is twelve. Write down the two, carry the one.
Three times five is fifteen, plus the one we carried, is sixteen. So the
next line of the problem is 162.
Then six times four is twenty-four. Write down the four, carry the two. Six
times five is thirty, plus the two we carried, is thirty-two; write down the
thirty-two. So the next line is 322.
Then we add 162 plus 3220 is  3840. In this addition there are no numbers to
carry, but sometimes there are.

Where do you write the carried numbers? I looked in the braille nemeth guide
we have, and I could not find it.

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