[blindkid] RE. Embossers

Doug Gottschlich doug.gottschlich at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 17:41:31 UTC 2011

I'll put in my two-cents on Ebay embosser experience.  I have bought several
embossers on ebay.  First was an Index for $500 that I got repaired for $300
-- it served me for many years.  I also bought very cheaply an Index Everest
($100) and an Juliet ($20); these did not work (no surprise at those prices)
and I was given a refurbish estimate of $800 for the Juliet.  When I decided
to replace the Index, rather than pay $500 to $1000 (after refurbishing) for
an older embosser, I found an almost new (and working perfectly as claimed)
Juliet 60 Pro for $1800 on Ebay.  This is the newest model and so should
have more life remaining, plus it includes the newest features (including
USB and ethernet ports, and so connection is easy as it negates the very
annoying problem of needing to have a computer with a parallel port).  So if
you are going to use the embosser a lot and you can spend the extra to get a
newer model (with USB and/or ethernet), it may be worth it to spend a bit

PS. If you are going to emboss a lot (as when I emboss complete books form
Bookshare for my daughter), you will want an embosser that can do wide paper
(not sure the Romeo can) and print double sided.


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