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Debbie Gabe gabe808 at hawaiiantel.net
Fri Sep 23 05:55:06 UTC 2011


---I use a VR stream. 
The subfolders are inside the main folders that are labeled as $VR....
You do not label the subfolders as $....

I used to put books and music in subfolders. I have not put other files,
such as text or audio notes into subfolders, don't know if subfolders work
in those folders.

An example of a book folder might be something like this:
$VRDB  (his would be first level)
Cookbooks  (This would be second level)
The Joy of cooking (a book in the 3rd level)
Fiction  (another 2nd level)
Racing in the Rain (book in 3rd level)
Same thing for music.

I actually stopped putting books in subfolders. I prefer just to keep them
in alphabetical order, and that way it is easier to navigate to them using
the upper left button, pressing it until it says something like go to book
number. Then you enter a number that is close to where you think the book
I usually have about 60 books on my 8 G card at any one time
And I don't have the patience to navigate thru them one at a time.

VR Stream will not say the name of the subfolder or the level of the
subfolder. It will only say the names of the "bookshelves" and names of the
books. You just have to remember what your subfolders are and what order the
subfolders are in.
You should be able to see them on your computer when you put  the card in
your card reader.

Does this make any sense?

Humanware may give you info that is more current than what I gave you. I've
had my Stream a long time  and although I've updated it, I don't always know
what all the newest changes are.
Good luck to you and your kid
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Subject: [blindkid] Victor Reader Stream Question

Are there any Victor Reader Stream users here who might be able to explain
to me the file structure for putting items into sub-folders to group them?
(Offline would be fine.)

We have VR bookshelves with hundreds of items coming up in a single list
despite being grouped into sub-folders. I'm still waiting on a response from
Humanware, and I suspect there is something simple we're not doing. I have
tried starting the sub-folder names with $VR like the parent folders and
that is no help. I think the VR Streams have some great capacities, but I
have always found organizing files on them to be awkward.

The manual says you can use sub-folders on most bookshelves. Am I
misunderstanding something? Should not sub-folders content appear in a
separate sub-list or group for a given bookshelf? (What would be the point
otherwise?)  No matter the level of the file, we're finding them all in the
same bookshelf list. These groups are just too much to manage in a single

Any suggestions would be really appreciated! Maybe there is a VR forum
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