[blindkid] Inquiry about IQ/Gifted Testing

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Hi all,
This came up on another list and I think some of you will have answers
for this mom. If you have pertinent information please either write to
her directly using the email address provided in the header, or reply
on-list and I will forward. Thanks for your help!

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Subject: [LCA] IQ Test for blind
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I am trying to get Madeline enrolled in Kindergarten for the 2012-2013
year. Because she will not be 5 until October, I have to go through
early entrance, for which you have to be deemed gifted. They have done
everything other than an IQ test, but at this point, they are stumped
on how to do this. I was told today that they will adapt the IQ test
by just giving Mads the verbal parts. Anything with a picture or graph
will be not be used. My concerns are that for her to get early
enrollment, she has to score a 95 or higher on the IQ test, and they
are only using the verbal parts...
Does anyone know where I can find an adapted IQ test for a 4 year old??

Thank you!

Madelin 4.5 years old, gene still unknown.

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