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Bernadette Jacobs bernienfb75 at gmail.com
Mon May 21 13:46:46 UTC 2012

On 5/20/12, Rosina Solano <colemangirly at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Okay all, looking for a netbook for my son for high school.  Can anyone give
> me some pointers as to what to look for?  Like storage and such.  Keep in
> mind that I am computer illiterate.  So I need to know numbers, like how
> many gig or mb or whatever they call it.  Why you like some models or brands
> and why you dont like others.  My son has a braille sense and we need to be
> able to connect the two for a braille display.  I have looked online, but
> the as I don't know computer talk, I don't really know what it all means.
> So I figured you all would be the best place for opinions and info as you
> really know what our blind kids need.
> Thanks all
> Rosina
> www.tadpoleacres.webs.com
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Good Morning my friend!!!

Bernie here!!!  Got two things/tips for you here.

1.  Whatever you do, take him with you so he can check out the
keyboard on it.  Secondly, in order that he can check it out, don't
order it online.  Take this from an experienced blind tech user.  If
you just buy something for him, thinking he may need or like it, and
if he hates the keyboard, you're sunk and he may never forgive you for
it!  And, no offense meant here Honey.  But, guess what?  I wouldn't
blame him.

2.  If you're worried about memory, remember to consider that he may
be putting farely big software like JAWS, Window Eyes, Zoomtext, or
whatever on it and those things take up a lot of memory space.  If I
were you, I wouldn't consider anything less than four gigs of memory.
I'm actually on the market for the same for myself for a notetaker.

3.  I may get in trouble for this, but my advice to you is, (and
again, I speak from hard core experience)... Stay away from
notetakers.  They're expensive.  You can't be without their annual
maintenance agreements, which are also quite pricy.  And, if that
isn't enough, be aware that you can get taken by an outfit who will
keep your software maintenance agreement in mind.  But, sometimes may
not be mindful of a hardware agreement until it's too late???  Been
there, done that and believe me I know!  So ends my take on
notetakers???  Hmmm!  Pardon the PUN.  Besides, netbooks, laptops, and
the like are much easier and less expensive to upgrade as far as they
can go.  I know, for a PC, you can always buy memory, extending the
memory space.


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