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     I recently saw a nice Lenovo computer. The keyboard is well laid out. 4GB of RAM and the fastest CPU you can get. In my opinion, get an extended warranty with all the options. A sturdy well padded bag is essential. The warranty package will add to the cost of the netbook, but it will likely save you big bucks. I know a person who had a laptop. A Dr. Pepper was spilled and this fried the laptop. Fortunately, the warranty package covered the cost of repairs and shipping.



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Okay all, looking for a netbook for my son for high school.  Can anyone give me some pointers as to what to look for?  Like storage and such.  Keep in mind that I am computer illiterate.  So I need to know numbers, like how many gig or mb or whatever they call it.  Why you like some models or brands and why you dont like others.  My son has a braille sense and we need to be able to connect the two for a braille display.  I have looked online, but the as I don't know computer talk, I don't really know what it all means.  So I figured you all would be the best place for opinions and info as you really know what our blind kids need.
Thanks all

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