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Lol!  I love Drake!
At 8, Hank would have done the same thing.  He's old enough now that he'll use it as directed.

 I guess my question is from a technical standpoint, can one get as much out of a NetBook/Braille display combo as a all in one note-taker?


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> When Drake's TBS tried to get him to use an iPad with refreshable Braille display he just wanted for read the iPad with his eyes.  We have two iPads at home which he uses to play games so he is very familiar with an iPad.   The teacher turned off the screen and tried to get him to just use the refreshable Braille display and listen to the computer voice but he rejected it.   Drake is 8, btw.  
> He has a laptop at school but they don't seem to use it much.  Perhaps I can ask for the school to get a refreshable Braille display for it.   His TBS has filled out a grant to obtain a notetaker for Drake - for him personally but of course that means we would get stuck with the cost of repairs.   
> My concern is if Drake has a device that provides him with a screen that will allow him to read print, than he will reject the Braille for print.  He uses an iMac at home for playing games and watching youtube videos - he loves to watch amateur reviews of toys.
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> Yes--amazon has a good, inexpensive one that is lightweight and works with
> iPhone as well as iPad and laptop.
> Lynda
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