[blindkid] question about possible symptoms

Sally Thomas seacknit at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 21:58:32 UTC 2013

My son had symptoms similar to that.  He had glaucoma and other eye
malformations.  We were always worried about retinal detatchment.  In his
case it turned out that there was scar tissue that developed inside the eye
and was tugging on the retina.  The doctors were unable to see that in an
exam because of corneal clouding.  They only saw it when they opened the
eye.  In order to fix it they had to do a corneal transplant so they could
see into the eye to cut away the scar tissue.

Sally Thomas

On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 12:48 AM, Lynda Zwinger <lyndaz918 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Good morning everyone,
> I'm writing to ask if anyone recognizes some symptoms my son has been
> having.  We do have him lined up with three doctors (and counting, lol),
> but parents have always been my "go-to" when I need to start figuring
> things out.
> My 14-year old (yikes! how did that happen?) son's blindness is of unknown
> origin, though we do know he has glaucoma (he's taking drops for it). He
> has significant corneal scarring (also unknown origin) and some physical
> anomalies in the part of the eyes that his doctors have been able to look
> at (the scarring is an obstruction).
> He's had two episodes now, very brief ones a couple of weeks apart, of:
> sharp pain in one eye (his "good" one which has a little sight) accompanied
> by a very brief blackout of vision (like when you stand up too suddenly
> sometimes--but he hasn't been changing positions in either episode), and
> mild dizziness. No headache.
> I'm not one to worry over every little thing, and this may be one of those,
> but it's twice now, so I'm on the scent.
> Is this kind of thing familiar to anyone?
> thanks very much,
> Lynda
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