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Hi Lynda!

I have heard of symptoms like that before, although I can't remember the
diagnosis (I know--not so helpful). I think I'd check the pressure, like
Julie mentioned, but also his optic nerve (if they can see it) and the
vasculature up there.  It sounds like something's impinging on the optic
nerve, which could be because of pressure in his head in general or because
of the veins/arteries up there throwing an occasional hissy (total
non-medical opinion).  Going to a good opthamologist (which I'm guessing is
on your list of doctors!) would be a good place to start--s/he should be
able to refer you on to wherever you need to go.


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Good morning everyone,

I'm writing to ask if anyone recognizes some symptoms my son has been
having.  We do have him lined up with three doctors (and counting, lol), but
parents have always been my "go-to" when I need to start figuring things

My 14-year old (yikes! how did that happen?) son's blindness is of unknown
origin, though we do know he has glaucoma (he's taking drops for it). He has
significant corneal scarring (also unknown origin) and some physical
anomalies in the part of the eyes that his doctors have been able to look at
(the scarring is an obstruction).

He's had two episodes now, very brief ones a couple of weeks apart, of:
sharp pain in one eye (his "good" one which has a little sight) accompanied
by a very brief blackout of vision (like when you stand up too suddenly
sometimes--but he hasn't been changing positions in either episode), and
mild dizziness. No headache.

I'm not one to worry over every little thing, and this may be one of those,
but it's twice now, so I'm on the scent.

Is this kind of thing familiar to anyone?

thanks very much,


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Has the pressure been measured? With my daughter, when her eye pressure
rises, she gets headaches and dizziness as well.
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