[blindkid] Stop the blind bullying! Re: Blind bullying

Eric Calhoun eric at pmpmail.com
Wed Apr 10 18:09:45 UTC 2013

Julie, I was bullied many times when I was in school.  I got in trouble a
few times at Frances Blend School for The Visually-Impaired.  Believe it or
not, the "I don't believe you," approach does not work.  You believe her,
and you believe her.  I was never called a "blink" or a "blindie."  At
least, until I got toward North Torrance High School.  North High has a
great assortment of people with disabilities, from blind to spina bifida,
from wheelchair-bound students to trainable multihandicapped people.  The
way to deal with all this bullying is through the horse's mouth.  The
bullied family/ies need to have an unnannounced parent/teacher conference. 
That means only you, your daughter, and the district know the date of the
conference.  The District only announces the PTC at the last minute,
catching the parent(s) and the bully(s) off guard.  You must demand an
apology/ies to these people.  And don't hold back!


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