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Eleanor Robinson erobin8725 at aol.com
Thu Apr 11 13:17:08 UTC 2013


There are a number of tools that are available to test 508 Compliance on websites.  You can Google 508 compliance and find them.  The accessibility requirements for websites are similar to those for any software.  There is a set of guidelines published in 2003 by WGBH Boston.  It is old, but still valid. 

To give you an idea of the things that are important in accessibility, you can look at AbleGamer's "Includification" guidelines www.ablegamers.com.  You can also find Blind and VI guidelines at www.blindcomputergames.com   Yes, both of these sets of guidelines are related to computer games, but the concepts described there apply to websites as well.

Good luck with your project.

Eleanor Robinson
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