[blindkid] Looking for someone to tutor newly blind teen in chemistry and SAT prep

Arielle Silverman arielle71 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 21:55:04 UTC 2013

Hi all,
This was forwarded to me by a cyber-acquaintance. I'm going to respond
to the person directly to ensure she knows about the NFB and about
funding sources for assistive tech and training, but I am wondering if
any of you are qualified and might be willing to mentor this young
woman and help tutor her in chemistry and/or help her prep for the
SAT's? It would be great for her to work with a blind mentor even if
it is long-distance. I would do it but it has been too long since I've
taken the SAT's and my last chem course was in 2005. If you're
qualified or know somebody who is, could you please get in touch with
her by phone? Thanks!

Hi all,

There is a local 17 year old girl who is losing her eyesight. She is
an excellent student and struggling to continue working hard in school
so that she can go to college despite the fact that she is grappling
with losing her eyesight.

She needs to prepare for the SAT's and is also taking Chemistry this
summer so she can lighten her school load for next year. The financial
costs for her parents are becoming insurmountable given all the
additional needs she has now.

Do you tutor or know someone who tutors for the SAT's? We are looking
for someone who might drastically reduce fees or donate SAT prep
services. Also, need chemistry tutor for the summer.

Also want to know about any computer assisted programs you may know
about for the visually impaired and blind? Lastly, if you know any
teenagers or young adults with whom she can talk and get support, that
would be wonderful.

Please let me know. Thanks so much!

(310) 871-6440

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