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Andy McIver amciver at BISM.org
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Date Posted:			12/17/13
Last Date to bid:		12/29/13
Requested start date:	January 2014
Position Title:			Youth Services Manager
Department:	Rehabilitation - Baltimore
Hiring Manager:	Andy McIver
Contact Info:	AMcIver at BISM.org
Salary:	$40,625 - $70,000
Number:				1 Position Available
Schedule:	8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday*
*Evening and weekends as needed
Essential Position Functions:
1. 	Provide training in areas of: Orientation & Mobility, Independent 
Living, and Braille & Computer Technology to Youth Students.
2.	Provide day-to-day training and education of others; works in a 
creative environment which requires invention, imagination, 
originality and talent.
3. 	Plan, implement and evaluate Youth programs, objectives and goals.
4. 	Mentor, coach and supervise others, including Youth students.
5. 	Provide blindness philosophy training to Youth program students.
6. 	Externally promotes the organization and participate in public or 
private functions as a representative of the Rehabilitation 
Department and company.
7.	Prepare annual budget, monthly reports and evaluations.
8.	Provide blindness counseling to students and families.
9.	Work closely with CORE and Senior training programs as needed.
10. 	Performs other duties as assigned.

1.	An experienced leader with blindness experience, technical skills 
and business acumen.
2.   Requires education or learning beyond high school which was 
acquired by a prolonged course of specialized instruction.
3. 	Must be able to read and interpret industry-specific journals, 
financial reports and legal documents as they apply to operations.
4. 	Excellent oral and written communication skills are necessary.
5. 	May be required to travel frequently within the State for weekend 
and summer programs.
6.	Must be proficient in alternative skills of blindness.
	E.E.O. M/F/D/V

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Sure- e-mail it to me.


At 10:00 AM 12/17/2013, you wrote:
 >My name is Andy McIver and I am trying to put a job posting for a new
 >Youth Manager with our company.  Do I email you the posting?  How would
 >I go about broadcasting our position?  Any guidance you can give would
 >be appreciated.  I have attached the posting if it helps.

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