[blindkid] Malaysian Exchange Student

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Dec 19 19:26:56 UTC 2013

>Hi David,
>I hope you can help me with some info about your NFB group and 
>whether you might be able to help us to find a home for an exchange 
>student, who is hoping to come to the USA on a Dept of State 
>scholarship in Jan and stay through June. We have been searching 
>unsuccessfully since Oct to find her a host family in a place where 
>the school will accept her. This is made more difficult by the fact 
>that she is blind. Although the school will be reimbursed for any 
>extra cost the schools unfortunately are allowed to turn down 
>students on J-1 visa's. I'm hoping that you might know of schools, 
>anywhere in the country, that would welcome an international student 
>that is blind and maybe a family that has a blind student of their 
>own willing to enrich their lives by hosting her. We have tried and 
>have run out of ideas for finding her a family and I found your 
>website and thought maybe, just maybe, you could help us spread the 
>word and find this girl a spot. Since schools will be closed for hte 
>holidays very soon and she arrives in very early Jan. time is of the essence.
>Thanks for any help you might offer and I'm sorry I didn't try 
>searching support for the blind sooner.
>I attached some info on her that you ca forward and I copied the 
>staff of AFS who are also working on this. The website below has 
>info about AFS Intercultural programs and what we do.
>Robbin Lang
>AFS Northern Illinois Team
>Volunteer Hosting Coordinator
>630-879-3851 Home 630-346-4320 cell
>robbinlang at ameritech.net
>Meet More Students by entering your zip code: www.afsusa.org/host-family
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