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Hi Penny,
I'll echo what others have shared: that it takes time & lots of practice
to learn to read with more expression.
But it is important to recognize that beyond speed, you pick up a lot of
the feeling based on context before actually seeing the punctuation (with
your fingers or with your eyes).
Our 2 boys are very different in many ways.
My older son is somewhat of a natural reader.
We worked & modeled a lot with our younger one, & it has paid off, for
over time he has made great progress. In part to address this & also to
create an environment that makes reading normal & fun, we started family
reading nights a few years back - most of it is silent, but we sometimes
share & take turns reading a story or passage out loud. This modeling has
been very fruitful.
In addition, we practiced oral presentations over & over for years. Now in
5th grade he, with minimal practice, can pull off a presentation with
flying colors; he speaks the loudest, enunciates, adds dramatic
inflection, & even knows to turn & face a different part of the audience
every sentence or 2.
Learning to read with expression is important, but it is a process that
will take time & effort.
Best wishes,

On 1/22/13 2:26 PM, "Penny Duffy" <pennyduffy at gmail.com> wrote:

>My daughter Abby is making a lot of progress with reading . She was
>me her teacher told her she needs to read with more expression.  Abby has
>been taught that you use the punctuation to know the expression.  She
>doesn't read the punctuation till the end of the sentence.  She can't look
>ahead.  She would to know if there was any tips.  She is really concerned
>about this because her teacher is saying its important.
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