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Lydia Anne Schuck lydia.a.schuck at wmich.edu
Tue Apr 15 22:35:28 UTC 2014

My daughter gets pretty good help over the phone from the Library of Congress Services for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.  You have to ask for the music section.  They have some stuff on Webbraille that you or your daughter's teacher could print at home.  You might also speak to David Goldstein, 203-366-3300 at the National Resource Center for Blind Musicians.  You could email back sometime to me.  We have a braille copy of the encyclopedia of braille music and my piano player daughter could read it aloud to you.  I think it came from APH, but it is probably more than you want to know right now.

My daughter is trying to carry on the work of her piano teacher who taught her in Braille.  

Lydia Schuck

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I’m wondering what sort of sources are available for braille sheet music, especially for reasonably current pieces— like things on the radio. (Maybe something such as some fairly recent Taylor Swift pieces, for example.)

Does any one know of good sources? We’ll probably want some other things like maybe classical or even jazz at some point, but for now our need is basic for, beginning music for Guitar and/or Piano.

Ideally, I’d like the same edition in print as well as braille. Surely someone must sell these together, or maybe they sell the braille transcriptions for particular print editions. Or perhaps there are NLS options?

In fact, I may be somewhat ahead of myself. I know a fair amount about music, but very little about the most common approach to Braille music. I have no idea what exists as far as chord chart and/or tablature for Braille, but there must me some fairly standard approach. 

Ultimately, Kendra will need to read conventional music beyond anything that exists like Braille Chord Charts / Tab, but having all these options available to her would make sense to me.

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