[blindkid] Braille And Print samples available upon request

Robert Jaquiss rjaquiss at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 18 23:39:23 UTC 2014



     Readers on this list may have seen notices from American Thermoform
Corporation about our new embosser, the Braille And Print. If anyone would
like a sample of braille combined with print produced by a Braille And Print
please contact me as shown below. Please include your postal address.


     Excerpted from our web site: Now available from American Thermoform
Corporation is the completely new and redesigned Braille & Print. The
possibilities of being able to produce both Braille and

written text on the same page are endless, making this embosser a necessity
for school districts, governments, families and transcribers. Feedback has
been unanimous - this Braille Embosser is exactly what the market needed.


     We have partnered with Index Braille to bring you the most reliable,
high quality Braille with Ink Technology embosser available. This new
embosser is based on an extremely reliable and proven Index V4 platform and
has all of the popular Index features, and then some.


     Some of the key features include:

*         Collaboration with Index Braille and HP - leaders in Braille and
ink technology, respectively

*         Documents can be shared between non-sighted and sighted users

*         Perfect for the classroom and work environments

*         Uses numerous paper sizes and weights

*         Braille & Print onto anything - paper, labels, etc!

*         Embosses Braille/ink at up to 100 CPS


Standard with the Braille & Print is a Brailled/Inked keypad with speech
feedback and LED light status lights. It is also network ready with a web
interface and has USB and Serial connections. To keep your new Braille &
Print embosser up-to-date, there will be free online upgrades available. 

*         Uses single-sheet Braille paper in a variety of sizes.

*         For more information, please see the web site:


If there are any questions, comments or to request a sample, please contact
me. Thank you.


American Thermoform Corporation (atc)



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