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Michelle mballard at bex.net
Wed Nov 12 21:42:47 UTC 2014

I think I-devices are great for personal use, and in addition to other Assistive technology such as Braillenote and for adults to use for reading and other accessibility apps, etc... However, for children in grade school & HS and even some in college, limiting use to only an IPad with refreshable Braille display isn't giving a blind student the best way to be independent in education. They just can't do all they need to with an IPad. I feel they Need more technology to continue to succeed and maintain and/or gain independence. 

Just my thoughts as a mom to my 7th grade Braille reader/writer. 

The original question was IPad only. Responding to that :)

> On Nov 12, 2014, at 4:30 PM, "Bill Dengler \(OS X on REtina macBook Pro\) via blindkid" <blindkid at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Surface?
> Bill
>> On Nov 12, 2014, at 4:27 PM, Marianne Denning via blindkid <blindkid at nfbnet.org> wrote:
>> Jody, that is a great perspective.  There are many things students can
>> do with a Windows computer and screen reader or notetaker that you
>> still can't do with a smart device.  I believe the day will come when
>> that is possible but we are not quite there yet.
>>> On 11/12/14, Jody Ianuzzi via blindkid <blindkid at nfbnet.org <mailto:blindkid at nfbnet.org>> wrote:
>>> Hello parents
>>> I am a blind 61 year old grandmother. I joined this list in the hope of
>>> sharing my experiences.
>>> I went to school in the 1960s when the only technology available were heavy
>>> records and reel to reel recording tapes.
>>> I have always embraced the newest technology and I was probably one of the
>>> first to have speech on my computer in the 1980s on a RadioShack TRS 80 with
>>> a speech synthesizer and a program developed by the navy. I have used
>>> notetakers from the beginning and I have used screen readers on my computers
>>> That said I now do everything on my iPhone 6.  I have adaptive apps that do
>>> everything from identify currency, read barcodes,  Scan and read documents,
>>> magnify as a handheld CCTV,  talking GPS, and so many more including games.
>>> Little that I think when I was playing those heavy records on an old record
>>> player that I would one day be listening to talking books on a BARD app in
>>> my pocket. Apple offers out of the box accessible technology that we
>>> would've dreamed of back in the days of all the old  very expensive adaptive
>>> technology.
>>> I agree that a student should have more than one tool in their toolbox but
>>> when you consider that all of the adaptive technology combined in my iPhone
>>> would have cost $20,000 in the past it is rather remarkable  Personally I
>>> would not want to be limited by the new note takers when I have the vast
>>> resources of my iPhone which costs hundreds of dollars compared to thousands
>>> of dollars of the more limited devices.
>>> Just my two cents.
>>> JODY 🐺
>>> "Life begins where your comfort zone ends."
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>>>> Linda, as much as I think this r

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