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Hi, been through that, very very frustrating!!! my daughter was in GS for a bit (5 or 4 yrs ago) and they were not very accommodating, unbelievable given what they stand for. We finally got a brailled book but it was not the right one, I returned it to them. No one in the organization cared and we knocked on many doors of the upper management. For this and other reasons we gave up and my daughter quit since she did not feel included. 
When you complain to the organization they make it "a project" as if that needed to be so. If I remember correctly there was a disability resource officer or something like that. You got to keep on googleing til you find the right person to talk to in your state. They might now have some digital formats for some of their material that jaws can access. 

Best wishes to you,


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Hi all.  I'm a bit frustrated with the fact that I am unable to find the girl 
scout materials in any kind of accessible format.  My youngest is a Brownie, and 
my oldest is a Cadet, and I have yet to find anything I can work with.  Even the 
books have been not able to be scanned with Openbook.  I am blind as well, and 
anything I know to do to transcribe isn't working. Am I missing something, or is 
this a problem for othersas well?


Linda C
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