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Apparently, the attachments got lost from the original post Kaiti posted.   I've embedded the text of the attachment below.
Also please note the location of the program (Camp Tuhsmeheta) is between Lowell and Greenville Michigan.  Arrangements will be made to pick up students arriving by plane, train or bus into either Grand Rapids, Flint or Detroit Michigan.

“The Road Lies Ahead...” - 2015 
  The Road Lies Ahead for all of us, but in order to follow it, we must know where it is, or we must create our own. Either way, we must determine where we are and where we want to go, and we must have the freedom to get there. Blind people are often taught they must follow the lead of others, but we teach that blind persons can claim their own freedom to set their own course and find their own way. 

  The Road Lies Ahead navigation program uses newly developed strategies to bring blind children and youth through unique navigational and recreational experiences that help participants become more aware and more confident to manage themselves more freely and effectively in any environment or situation without the need to rely on others. At the core of the program lies the FlashSonar process, which teaches the brain of a blind person how to use sound to gain visual images of one's surroundings. Some of the activities include swashbuckling, various ball games, target practice, scavenger hunt/geocacheing, and explorer (all with the central theme of self-reliance) -– along with maps, compasses, intro GPS, and sensory activities. The instructors teach the methods they use to independently travel the world.

Join us in finding or creating the Road that Lies Ahead.

  Two Sessions during August 2 – 8, 2015 
                                                                      at CAMP TUHSMEHETA (Camp T) – Greenville Michigan.
  Session I: Ages 8 – 13; August 2 – 5.*
                                                                                                                              Session II: Ages 13 – 19; August 5 – 8.*
  *Family information sessions Sunday afternoon August 2 and Saturday afternoon August 8. Contact us for details.

  Daniel Kish, lead instructor and President of World Access for the Blind, is a totally blind Orientation and Mobility Specialist who has combined modern science, his work experience with many hundreds of students and their families from every background and culture, in addition to his own life as a blind person to bring blind mobility to a whole new level of freedom, effectiveness, and personal dignity. Students who leave his programs see blindness in a new light.


  For Applications and/or further information:  Please contact Brunhilde Merk-Adam 
  email: bmerkadam at gmail.com 
  or phone: 248 790-8065
  The Road Lies Ahead is a World Access for the Blind and Blind Vision Inc. Partnership Project

  Page 2:


  The exact activities may vary somewhat from group to group, and may be adjusted to suit student profiles, weather, and other environmental determinants. Schedule is to be determined. Activities may include the following:

  a.. Presentation and discussions about blind freedom perspective, and story telling;

  a.. Introduction to full length cane with feather-touch cane technique;

  a.. FlashSonar activities: 
  - object location (finding where things are),
  - orientation (students learn to know where they are),
  - navigation among objects (obstacles, bunches of trees, other arrays of objects),
  - object identification (detecting and identifying object characteristics), - “scene analysis“ (determining the nature and layout of a surrounding “scene”),
  - games
  - target practice (water pistols), “Special Ops”; “Quidditch”
  - swashbuckling (using swords that make sound),
  - hide and seek (with FlashSonar);

  a.. Climbing Tower;

  a.. Work with compass and maps;
  a.. Scavenger hunt / geocacheing;

  a.. Introduction to travel technologies including GPS and detection technologies;

  a.. Introduction to the brain and perception with models and tactiles
  Perception activities; Tactile skill enhancement;
  a.. Astronomy – our place in the universe (if time allows)

  If interested, please contact me ASAP.  Thanks.
  bruhilde merk-adam

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  Thank you for this, I can't find any information for dates, anyone know?
  Thanks again

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  > Hi all,
  > There are still spots open in The Road Lies Ahead, a perceptual
  > mobility camp which will be held later this summer at Camp Tuhsmeheta
  > in Lowell Michigan.  The program is headed by Daniel Kish, a totally
  > blind orientation and mobility specialist who also teaches perceptual
  > navigation using flash sonar.  Activities in the program will
  > challenge students to expand and improve their skills while having
  > fun.  Games and activities from last year included hiking, rock
  > climbing, target practice using water guns and "swashbuckling"
  > (fighting with audible swords), various ball games including an
  > audible version of Quidditch from the Harry Potter series, practice
  > reading tactile maps and using a compass, an introduction to GPS
  > technology, hide and seek and "Black Ops" (hide and seek combined with
  > target practice to resemble capture the flag), and more.  Plenty of
  > time is left for socializing between staff/mentors and students after
  > the dinner hour.  The camp also boasts a regulation Showdown table,
  > which was quite popular among staff and students alike in free time
  > last year.  Lessons in independence are embedded throughout the
  > program in the dining hall, on the trails, and in cabin life.
  > Please circulate the attached flyers to students who could benefit.
  > If you have questions please email or call using the information near
  > the bottom of the flyer.
  > Thanks, and I can't wait to travel the road ahead with some eager
  > students,
  > -- 
  > Kaiti Shelton
  > University of Dayton-Music Therapy
  > President, Ohio Association of Blind Students 2013-Present
  > Secretary, The National Federation of the Blind Performing Arts
  > Division 2015-2016
  > "You can live the life you want; blindness is not what holds you back!"

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