[blindkid] Mac Books?

Linda A.Coccovizzo Linda.Coccovizzo at MCCKC.EDU
Tue Sep 27 19:09:05 UTC 2016

Hello all. Our vision team in the girls' district has undergone some very positive changes in the last few months. The iPads with refreshabrailles are being phased out. The girls will very soon be given Mac Books. I did have some concerns about this, because I've heard there are issues with 3rd party applications being completely accessible. I am very happy though that a keyboard will finally be under their fingers. We have worked with them at home to learn to type as much as we can, so they won't be totally lost. They will also be using braille displays. What do you all think? Also, if anyone has a kiddo using the Mac for school purposes, what apps have you found to be useful?

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