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I'm planning the upcoming issue of Future Reflectionss, and I welcome
articles from people on this list. This will be a special issue around the
theme of early childhood, birth through kindergarten age. If you would like
to contribute, please contact me off list. Here are some ideas and topics to
get you thinking: 


How did you encourage your child to move and explore?

What kinds of play did you and your child enjoy?

How did you explain your child's blindness to relatives, friends, and other

How did you teach your child spatial concepts such as behind, under, over,
and around?

Have you found ways to help your child play and make friends with other

Have you made connections with other parents of blind children? Has this
been helpful, and in what ways?

What do you wish you had known when your child was small?


If you've never written for publication before, don't worry! We can work
together until your piece says what you want it to say. I look forward to
hearing from you!


Debbie Stein

Future Reflections

Dkent5817 at att.net <mailto:Dkent5817 at att.net> 




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