[blindkid] Braille items

adrijana prokopenko adrijana.prokopenko at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 13:41:05 UTC 2018

I am making some braille calendars to help people who would like to
 get any. What is different about them is that they are brailled on
 larger braille pages and there is space on each page to also make your
 own notes and mark possible events, so that you remember them, just
 like people do this in print calendars. They are also good to help
 children and adults practice braille, learning how to use calendars
 and teachers and parents could also create activities of tactile
 drawings and other activities they can stick or draw on the pages.
 These calendars are brailled with a brailler and the price is to be
 determined by talking to each interested candidate first and finding
 out how much they can afford to pay for each calendar. I would also
 braille recipes, words of songs, poems, stories  and other things that
 are not copyright, accept computer and music braille. Whatever money I
 get would be used to help me attend the NFB convention and help others
 in some way. If anyone is interested, please private message me or
 email me at:
adrijana.prokopenko at gmail.com

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