[BlindKid] BrailleNote Malfunction

janice jordan jjordan_pa at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 7 21:07:22 UTC 2019

My daughter was transferring audio files to our computer and after transferring 60 or so files she got a message:

 "Could not find a valid license file for keysoft version 950 billed (or build?) one thousand two hundred eighty"

Now she is unable to use the BrailleNote at all. We have tried a soft reset and holding the reset button down for an additional reset but the message will not disappear. I emailed Humanware and they offer no help ("we do not require a license to use the BN") and they want me to send the machine in for trouble shooting.  I thought I would try this forum before I let the monopolizing Humanware gouge and take advantage of another blind child/family. 
Anyone know of a fix for the error message or know of a non-Humanware computer technician?
Janice (mother of Ari) 

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