[BlindKid] For What It's Worth, Podcasting Resources

Tina Hansen th404 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 5 01:48:44 UTC 2020

I don't usually cross post, but since there's been some dialog asking if
there's a need to increase the NFB's presence in the podcast space, I
thought I'd pass along some resources.


Jonathan Mosen has a course on podcasting that could be of interest if
anyone in the organization wants to start a podcast.


https://mosen.org/podcasting// <https://mosen.org/podcasting/> 


If you can't afford this resource, Bard and Audible offer a number of books
and podcasts on the topic.


If there is any interest in the possibility of targeting a podcast for a
younger audience, this web page should offer some wise advice.





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