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My thoughts exactly.  I don't know what I would do if my family or his were 
If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this 
mountain: "Remove hence to yonder place.", and it shall remove, and nothing 
shall be impossible unto you.
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> OUCH!!!  That hurt!!!  I'm afraid it happens though; much to often.
> Thank God Sarah's family is Okay with our getting together and her moving 
> down here.  Sarah loves my family and my family loves her.  This just 
> causes the realization of how precious such a thing as that is.  Thanks.
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> On Dec 20, 2009, at 9:40 AM, Robert Leslie Newman wrote:
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> RE:  The Cursed
> Here is my #152nd THOUGHT PROVOKER. It is a study in how various religious
> factions will view the blind; from near sainthood to being cursed. If you
> have not read the PROVOKER, it follows.  Recall that I collect responses 
> and
> post them upon my web site for all the WWW to read and learn from and that
> URL is- Http://thoughtprovoker.info <http://thoughtprovoker.info/>   If 
> you
> wish to receive THOUGHT PROVOKERS sent directly to you, just write me and
> ask, at-  newmanrl at cox.net
> The Cursed
> "Hi, I'm Robert. Your accent, if I am reading it correctly, places you 
> from
> somewhere in the Middle East?"
> The attractive dusky-skinned, dark-haired woman looked quizzically at the
> guy approaching. He was about her age, nice looking, using a long white
> cane. She had first noticed him upon her arrival in the hotel lobby, and
> later in the registration line and reception area for those attending the
> two-day conference. He had impressed her with his poise as he maneuvered
> about independently, responding charmingly as he dealt with the awkward
> reception his presence sometimes elicited. Without hesitation, she spoke 
> up,
> "Hello, and, yes. To put a finger or two on the map, Cairo originally, but
> most recently, right here in Philly. My name is Dara --- I'm the only one
> sitting in this row." A realization was blossoming within her; this guy's
> disability didn't make her feel uncomfortable.
> Anticipation fueling his every stride, Robert moved into the row. He 
> hadn't
> expected such a provocative seatmate at a conference where he knew there
> wouldn't be anyone he'd know. Her voice is so beautiful, he thought.
> Feeling at ease and maybe too much so, he couldn't believe his next words,
> "Well, guess I'll sit by you and fill up the row so it's just ours."
> They didn't have the entire row to themselves. Yet throughout the 
> morning's
> presentations, they indulged in periodic soft-spoken exchanges.  Some
> concerning the information being presented, some purely personal, and
> sometimes, sharing some stifled laughter.
> At the end of the morning session, they decided to have lunch together.
> Later, they had dinner, then the next morning, breakfast, and then lunch
> again. The conference was over at 4:00 PM.
> "I've got to see you again. How about tomorrow lunch or dinner somewhere?"
> Robert asked.
> "Yes, me too. Ah --- how about you come over to my apartment and I make
> dinner --- you bring a refreshment."
> "Yes!"
> The night of their date, dinner finished, with more wine, soft music, and 
> a
> deep lingering kiss, Dara said, "I once heard that it was very 
> disconcerting
> to look into a blind person's eyes. But ah --- being this close and 
> looking
> --- I'm not sure I know what they are referring to."
> "Well I'm told --- good art work on non-scratch plastic like I have, can
> work miracles."
> "Ha! Oh Robert my dear man," Dara snuggled closer, "you are so full of
> surprises and delights. I must tell you that I feel that I am falling in
> love with you. "Fingertips caressing his cheek,  "Before we get more
> serious, we must go to my father. He must meet and pass his judgment on my
> choice."
> "Woo, You mean we have to get your father's permission to fall in love?"
> "No, it's not that way. I have my own heart and feelings. I respect you 
> for
> who you are, my dear. Just that, my father is the --- head of the family. 
> It
> is the way within my culture. The man oversees the affairs of the family.
> You will like him. He is a generous, loving, and God fearing man. And his
> being judgmental; well --- it goes along with the position "
> The day came for their trip to Dara's family home and her introduction of
> Robert to her father came. Her mother served them tea and sweets. They
> talked, drank tea, talked some more, and though her family were very 
> polite,
> they were nevertheless very curious about how this blind man lived.
> After dinner, in her father's study, Dara and Robert spoke of their 
> feelings
> for one another. And her father answered. "My dear daughter, I do not give
> my permission. Let me make this very clear, Robert, though you are a fine
> fellow, I must oppose this marriage. I do not want my daughter to be fated
> to the life she would have to live if she is betrothed to you. You are
> blind, a condition which greatly, how should I say it --- blindness 
> severely
> impacts your life--you are stigmatized; you have reduced independence and,
> therefore, your prospects to financially care for my daughter are
> handicapped. No. I forbid this union. You are one of God's cursed."
> Robert Leslie Newman
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