[nfb-talk] Proposal to Decrease the Blind Unemployment Rate

Antonio M. Guimaraes iamantonio at cox.net
Sat Feb 28 04:13:16 UTC 2009

Hello Eddie,

While I can understand the value of your proposal, I believe the 
responsibility to purchase technology should rest with the already existing, 
federally and state-funded blindness commissions.

the NFB certainly has a loan program, and though it has been directed much 
towards purchases of the KNFB phones, people can still purchase technology 
by taking out loans from this funding source.

Providing high tech items should in my opinion stay where it is today, but I 
think there is still much to do to gain more access to technologies in the 
workplace. That is where we aught to focus our energy.

If people think they need a piece of equipment, they should convince voc 
rehab of their needs, and somehow be accountable for the help they receive.

Antonio Guimaraes

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works in Braille.

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> Dear List Members,
> I would like to propose an as yet very general outline on how to improve 
> the unemployment numbers in the blindness community. I am open to 
> suggestions
> on how this may play out in actuality.
> We have heard the 70 percent unemployment statistic for the last 30 years 
> with little or no fluctuation. I propose a capital campaign not unlike the 
> one
> initiated to build the Jernigan Institute. The funds raised by this effort 
> would be exclusively used to purchase access technology for blind job 
> seekers,
> effectively bypassing the red tape often experienced with state 
> departments of rehabilitation and other governmental employment agencies. 
> We know that
> employers are extremely hesitant to hire people with disabilities due to 
> the perceived expenses involved in doing so. This would affectively 
> nullify that
> concern while demonstrating that we are some of the most dedicated and 
> loyal workers once we obtain gainful employment. Perhaps funds for this 
> project
> could be incorporated under the umbrella of the imagination fund. While 
> some may argue that this effectively turns the NFB into a rehab agency, I 
> posit
> that we could do this kind of work as we have undertaken every other 
> project--with a high level of standards and expectation for our members, 
> along with
> a positive philosophy of blindness. Please respond with ideas and 
> thoughts.
> Sincerely,
> Eddie Salcido
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