[nfb-talk] Proposal to Decrease the Blind Unemployment Rate

Buddy Brannan buddy at brannan.name
Sat Feb 28 01:15:43 UTC 2009

While this wouldn't necessarily be the "screen reader of your choice",  
System Access would be quite compelling for such a project, especially  
for newer, less computer savvy blind folks. Either the regular System  
Access Mobile (with three installs plus the thumb drive, thus showing  
any computer can be made to work for us) or, if we're cost conscious,  
the $149 license on a netbook which can be had for between $300 and  
$500. Of course, this wouldn't get at the root of the problem, which  
is a deeply entrenched belief in our limitations, but it would, as  
Eddie says, give employers one less excuse. It would also not only put  
technology into blind people's hands, but give us the ability to  
easily demonstrate it. Well, it might be a start. Whether it's a wise  
use of our resources, I'll leave it to others to judge.

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