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John G. Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
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Are these your opinions or those of the NFB?

Training isn't always more beneficial than audible signals. I have training 
and there are a lot of places on my routes where it would be next to 
impossible to cross without an audible signal. At the very least, it makes 
it much, much safer.  It's a very rare audible signal that makes crossing 
less safe. And in that case, the signal should be fixed, not discarded.

Besides, you are raising a false dichotomy . We cannot choose between 
audible signals and more training. If a city chooses not to install an 
audible signal at a corner, that doesn't mean there will be more money for 
mobility training. Government just doesn't work that way.

Even if it were possible to divert money from audible signals to mobility 
training, we shouldn't have to do that. We need both.

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> Ray,
> You expected them to actually get into the discussion of how training is 
> more beneficial than squawking lights, or how many of the existing 
> squawkers are actually dangerous?  Or how the real problem facing the 
> blind pedestrian is that roads are increasingly no place for a person on 
> foot to be?
> I don't think our position is simple enough for a pro-APS article to 
> represent correctly, so I am glad they left our viewpoint out rather than 
> misrepresent it.
> Joseph
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> On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 07:39:23PM -0500, Ray Foret jr wrote:
>>What?  Not a single quote from the NFB or not one single representation of
>>our view point?  Out with it!!!
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