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Hi Robert and all

All nonprofits do such fundraising. I personally think that selling
items is not a problem. People do not think about fundraising when they
buy girls scouts cookies. They just buy the cookies. So do they buy nuts
or candy bars from us. 
Handing literature is a different matter. Our chapter has clear plastic
bins in which we place our brochures for people to have. When they come
to the table, we mention them. The brochures are visible and each have a
different topic. Brochures on aging, diabetes, and Newsline go into one
three tiered bin. The second similar bin has information about Braille
and the parents division. A third bin has fundraising information like
imagination fund and books. People can see the information available and
take what they want.  
We stay busy with the sale or the games we have for the kids. We do
answer questions but do not force the literature on the people. This is
my idea of providing information and not begging. 

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Mike, Steve, ray, Cindy and others --- 
I appreciate help with this issue. I'm thinking that NFB wide, there is
same debate and discussion surrounding the solicitation of donations.
Through out my decade old hosting of "THOUGHT PROVOKER," my efforts very
much dealt with the discussion of philosophical issues of blindness and
this specific topic falls right into that arena. And as I stated in my
second post on this topic, I do plan to put together both an discussion
exercise which I will offer to chapters for a meeting activity, and an
article which zeros in on this philosophical question. 

So the more you give me to chew on, the more fun I'll have in developing
offerings. (Do point me to any historical documents that may have been
written by our leadership on this issue.) 

Thank you all 

Robert Leslie Newman
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