[nfb-talk] 2010 NFB convention agenda in DAISY format

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Jun 3 02:24:33 UTC 2010

Have you looked at the DAISY Pipeline from 
DAISY.ORG -- it may already have this capability?


At 03:40 AM 6/2/2010, you wrote:
>I started playing with Greg's text-only DTB 
>version to see if I could build an ePub out of 
>it, since a DAISY book fitting the latest and 
>greatest standards is supposed to essentially BE 
>an ePub without significant modification.  Alas, 
>iBooks claimed there were missing resources, and 
>I think the Threepress validator was actually 
>laughing at my attempt. As bad as it was, Sigil 
>managed to chew it up and spit out something 
>iBooks will at least open–there are many 
>problems, but at least the ext is intact!  The 
>result doesn't pretend to validate, and the TOC 
>is presently useless since it contains every 
>single navigation item, and iBooks at least 
>flattens this into a single list!  Haven't tried 
>Stanza yet, since it is not yet accessible to 
>speech users. Anyway, I'll be cleaning it up a 
>bit more over the next day or so.  Anyone else 
>interested in the results?  (If I can figure out 
>how to do this in a reasonably automated manner, 
>I might turn my hand to converting Bookshare 
>content.  (That DEFINITELY won't validate, but 
>if it displays properly I'd call it good 
>enough.) Apparently the nerd hat still fits, 
>Joseph On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 07:45:04PM -0500, 
>David Andrews wrote: > >>From: Greg Kearney 
><gkearney at gmail.com> >>Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 
>14:15:55 +0800 >>To: Discussion of Digital 
>Talking Books 
><dtb-talk at nfbnet.org>,  >>president at nfbutah.org, 
>nfbnj >> <nfbnj at comcast.net> >>Subject: 
>[Dtb-talk] 2010 NFB convention agenda in DAISY 
>format >> >>Once again we have undertaken to 
>produce the NFB convention agenda >>in DAISY 
>format. The 2010 NFB convention agenda can be 
>downloaded >>from the following web 
>page: >> >>www.guidedogswa.org >> >>The DAISY 
>version features the following navigation 
>features. >> >>Major sections are at the first 
>navigation level. >>Days are at the second 
>navigation level. >>Agenda items are at the 
>third navigation level. >> >>See you all in 
>Dallas. >> >> >>Gregory Kearney | Manager 
>Accessible Media >>Association for the Blind of 
>WA - Guide Dogs WA >>PO Box 101, Victoria Park 
>WA 6979 | 61 Kitchener Ave, Victoria Park WA 
>6100 >>Tel: 08 9311 8246 | Fax: 08 9361 8696 | 
>www.guidedogswa.com.au >>Tel: 307-224-4022 
>(North America) >>Email: 
>greg.kearney at guidedogswa.com.au >>Email: 
>gkearney at gmail.com >> > > 
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