[nfb-talk] Early Resolution on Assistive Technology

Joshua Lester jlester8462 at students.pccua.edu
Sat Sep 25 03:59:59 UTC 2010

Fellow federationists, I'm Joshua Lester from the Arkansas chapter. I
won't be able to come to Orlando, next july, but I'd appreciate it if
we could handle this NFB business on this thread. I find it quite
shameful, that we as blind individuals are behind in solar powered
technology! Our sited counterparts are able to have solar powered
calculators, for example, while our talking calculators are battery
powered. Our Pac Mates, Braille Notes, etc. are also battery powered.
What a shame! The resolution I'm proposing will urge Freedom
Scientific, HumanWare, and other companies to make their products
solar powered. Not only is solar powered technology good for the
environment, but it's good for us as endividuals. For instance, there
will be no more of the Pac Mate going dead in the middle of a class,
and a student's work being jumbled up after the machine is charged, or
the constant "beepp" sound of the calculator letting us know that the
battery is low. This technology will help us catch up with our sited
counterparts at work, in the classroom, and in life in general. Please
second this motion to pass this resolution. Blessings, Joshua

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